The Rabbithole offers a wide range of services. Taking a cohesive approach to computing we are able to excel in many areas. We do especially well at cross paradigm solutions, combining several of our services to solve a single problem.

We guide our actions by several core principles.

  1. Only produce items of quality.

    Producing items that do not meet our expected quality is not only a disservice to our customer, but to our own reputation. If we do something, we do it to the best of our ability.

  2. Communicate with people on a personal level.

    Years in customer service at all levels from residential to large business enterprises allow us to communicate with anyone on their terms. We don't produce products or services that we can not explain to you in terms you understand.

  3. Use standards where possible.

    Most interconnecting systems adhere to standards to maintain interoperability. We see no reason to agree to vendor lockin when at all possible. Adhering to standards means anyone can use your solution no matter what operating system or web browser they come from.

Our mission to serve your technological needs begins with your initial contact. We'll take it from there. Call or email us for your free no commitment consultation.

At this time we are realigning with new goals, and are not taking new customers.

The Rabbithole is a technical consulting company. We are located in central Ohio, but can remotely service any system that is connected to the Internet.

Our company is interested in expanding your organization with new solutions and servicing those already in place.

We have experience in network administration, server administration, and web application development. This experience has been propelled by a sound understanding of the underlying principles of computing.

This is our passion.

Come see where The Rabbithole takes you.